The Home Visit Project:
Building Trusting Relationships

Make A Difference

Michael’s fourth grade year was off to a rocky start, but then his math teacher, Mr. Mayfield, asked if he could do a home visit. No, not to discuss homework – it was so Michael’s parents and teacher could chat and get to know each other as people first. The Home Visit Project made a tremendous difference in Michael’s life, changing his overall attitude and improving his math skills.

Build Trust

Families live busy lives and don’t always have time to visit the school. Teachers like Ruth Ortiz tell parents, “if you can’t come to me, I can come to you.” Once teachers earn parents’ trust, that relationship creates more support for the student. Home visits are all about building community and bridging the gap between schools and home so that students get the help and attention they need to succeed.

Graduate On Time

Through the Home Visit Project, teachers meet students’ families and learn about their lives outside of the classroom. When Oscar didn’t want to go back to high school after a summer spent working, Ms. Johnitta Williams heard him out but pushed him to continue his education. Now Oscar is pursuing college because he wants to have a vibrant career and future.

It’s about Relationships

Teachers like Angela Sanders remember growing up and building relationships more easily with people in her home. Now, she looks forward to bringing the same sense of connection and community to students and their families in Dallas.

Spread the Word

Through the @homevisitproj, teachers are building relationships with families and laying trusting foundations that are helping students succeed. #InnovateUnited

The @homevisitproj gives teachers the time and flexibility to get to know students and families outside of a classroom setting and learn who they are as people first. #InnovateUnited

I support the @homevisitproj because it’s helping students thrive by closing the divide between school and home. #InnovateUnited

The @homevisitproj isn’t about discussing grades and test scores. It’s about meeting with families to discuss their child’s hopes and dreams. #InnovateUnited

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